Defines a new titration rule and the times when that rule is evaluated

system_new_tt_rule(cfg, name, times, timescale)



ubiquity system object


name for the titration rule


list of times when the rule will be evaluated


time scale associated with the titration times (as defined by <TS:?>)


Ubiquity system object with the titration rule created


cfg = system_new_tt_rule(cfg,
                        name      = "rname",
                        times     = c(0, 2, 4),
                        timescale = "weeks")'

A titration rule identifies a set of times (times) and an associated time scale (timescale) in which titration events can potentially occur. Any times scale, as defined in the system file with <TS:?>, can be used in place of "weeks" above. The name, "rname" above, is used to link the titration rule to different conditions discussed below. The name should be a string beginning with a letter, and it can contain any combination of numbers, letters, and underscores. With the rule created we can then add conditions to that rule.'

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