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Multiple default inputs can be specified in the system file. At the scripting level this function can be used to set all inputs to zero. Then only the subsequently specified inputs will be applied.


system_zero_inputs(cfg, bolus = TRUE, rates = TRUE)



ubiquity system object


Boolean value indicating weather bolus inputs should be set to zero


Boolean value indicating weather infusion rate inputs should be set to zero


Ubiquity system object with the specified inputs set to zero


# \donttest{
# Creating a system file from the mab_pk example
fr = system_new(file_name        = "system.txt", 
                system_file      = "mab_pk", 
                overwrite        = TRUE, 
                output_directory = tempdir())

# Building the system 
cfg = build_system(system_file  = file.path(tempdir(), "system.txt"),
      output_directory          = file.path(tempdir(), "output"),
      temporary_directory       = tempdir())
#> ── Building the system: /var/folders/l9/6pm7xq5j1hn6l00zrs22j6mc0000gn/T//RtmpoL
#> → ubiquity:
#> → Distribution: package (2.0.4)
#> → Compiling C version of system
#> → Loading the shared C library
#>  System built
#>  To fetch a new analysis template use `system_fetch_template`
#>  For example:
#>    fr = system_fetch_template(cfg, template = "Simulation")
#>    fr = system_fetch_template(cfg, template = "Estimation")

# Clear only infusion rates
cfg = system_zero_inputs(cfg, bolus=TRUE, rates=FALSE)

# Clear all inputs:
cfg = system_zero_inputs(cfg)
# }